What is HEDON?

HEDON Household Energy Network is a long-established and well respected grassroots organization of almost 600 household energy practitioners, the majority of whom are based in the South. Established in 1992, the network has grown rapidly, bringing together key players in household energy to create a powerful tool for change. If you have access to the Web, you can join HEDON – at no cost.

What can HEDON do for you?

HEDON will put you in touch with all the most up-to-date information worldwide. It gives you names of specialists, key documents, links to other organisations and websites.

What can you do for HEDON?

HEDON lets you tell other people of your successes (or failures!) reaching everyone on the network, reducing replication and saving time and money, and a regular newsletter values your contributions. Each member gets a personal webpage, which is simple to create, linking to an existing webpage or giving your organisation its first website.

HEDON at the present time

All members renew their membership each 6 months, keeping it up-to-date. There are over 100 organisational profiles, about the same number of ‘active’ personal profiles. There are even people who update their profile every week! The profiles are more popular for Southern partners – perhaps HEDON satisfies a need that is more acute in developing countries.

Exciting plans for the future

There are real opportunities now for making HEDON even more vibrant and useful; particularly special interest groups to link HEDON with specific communities of practice. These are likely to include: clean indoor air; carbon and cookstoves (CDM); scaling up household energy programmes; and one on alcohol-based fuels or biodiesel. These key topics, will allow sharing of ideas through the specialist websites and through linkages to other household energy sectors through HEDON. Other thematic, regional, or language groups will also be encouraged.

The benefits of special interest groups being part of HEDON are many:

  • strengthening existing links and infrastructure for wide dissemination from specialists to the wider community (including the nononline knowledge)
  • sharing resources, such as Boiling Point, to disseminate key messages to those not able to access the web
  • having a reliable technical ‘toolbox’ which can be used by anyone with only limited computer knowledge

What is needed?


HEDON needs people close to the action to feed key information into the network. For example, if you go to market and buy kerosene in Kenya, the cost is really easy to feed into the system – but it takes someone from a different country hours to find that out. If we all put in this sort of data, then it will build up rapidly. We are keen to hear local news, events, event reports, etc. However, if you do not live close to this information, then maybe you have . . .


HEDON is delighted that GTZ has recently generously committed to funding the development of the network. Up to that point, HEDON had been almost completely dependent on contributions of Eco Ltd and other voluntary contributions. Ideally, around ten sponsors are needed, each providing sustaining funding of a particular area that is of interest to them, with a modest budget over the next five years. This would allow special interest groups to be set up, meetings to be facilitated, resources to be improved, and provide funding for facilitation of the network and international activities.

How do I join?

Go to www.hedon.info and click ‘Join’ – you will be asked for your name and email, and will receive a ‘password’ to log in to the website in the future – it is all very easy.

HEDON will take you into a world full of colleagues who all share the same desire to improve the quality of life for people living in poverty through improved household energy provision.

A network that lasts

HEDON has been in existence for around 13 years, and grown from strength to strength. It is now a worldwide forum which provides the perfect hub for the various networks and
organisations that spring up, linking them with the wider body of household energy practitioners. If you’ve not been there before, why not pay HEDON a visit?
If you would like to know more, please contact Raffaella Bellanca at:raffaella@ecoharmony.com @ecoharmony.com

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