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Scale-Up & Commercialisation of Improved Cookstoves   Climate change
June 10
Policies & Regs Affecting Biomass-Related Energy Sector   Papers Process And Production Health June 10
Pisces Food Security Scoping Study   Papers Global Cooking
Health June 10
Small-scale Bioenergy Initiatives   Reports Global Cooking Briquettes
Jatropha Oil
June 10
Lessons learned from Brazil's experience with Fossil-fuel subsidies   Reports International Institute For Sustainable Development (IISD) Europe Oct. 10
The Effects of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform:Review of modelling & empirical studies   Reports International Institute For Sustainable Development (IISD) Global Coal
Oct. 10
Untold Billions: Fossil-Fuel Subsidies, their impacts and the path to reform - Summary of key findings   Papers International Institute For Sustainable Development (IISD) Global Oct. 10
Research Brief: Biomass Cook Stoves Contribute Significantly to Poor Health in Sri Lanka   Papers Asia Cooking Health Oct. 10
International Development Assistance for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: The Aid Scramble   Papers America North Climate change Oct. 10
Locating Climate Insecurity: Where are the Most Vulnerable Places in Africa?   Africa Climate change Oct. 10
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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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