Women, energy and rural energy provision

Women, energy and rural energy provision
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Gladys Rojas Portillo
The situation of extreme rural poverty in Bolivia, caused by the absence of productive incentives and the lack of educational opportunities and basic services (up to 53%) has caused indigenous population migration to cities and intermediate urban areas. Social mobility data indicates that out of 314 municipal areas, 217 are experiencing population loss (Pereira, 2003) and thus provoking an accelerated and disorganised urban growth.

The consequences of this reconfiguration has many sides; there is disengagement, the loss of human dignity -situations of exclusion, racial and social discrimination- and even worse, the break up of the family and rural society. Among the various alternatives proposed to alleviate this situation is rural development through access to electricity as one more step towards an improved quality of life. This article will attempt a close look at the experiences, perceptions, aspirations and demands of the Bolivian rural woman.
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Women energy and rural energy provision

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