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Plastic bottles to build a Biogas digester

Dear All,

As in many African countries Uganda has a significant problem with waste. The amount of waste generated in Kampala, for example, was 430,000 tonnes.

Of this, 6,880 tonnes was plastic waste. The vast majority of this plastic waste ends up at illegal deposits, in the drainage system or dispersed in the environment. PET bottles can be used in an innovative and transformative way for construction. This idea was developed by ECO-TEC and has been demonstrated in many developing countries construct water tanks,
granary, toilets (latrines), and houses.

At the end of 2011, Green Heat and ECOTEC decided to partner and work on a project where biogas will be generated from human excrement at the same time using PET bottles used as bricks to build the toilet walls.

To find out more visit:

Vianney Tumwesige
Director - Green Heat (U) Ltd image: Picture
P.O. Box 10235
256 (0) 71 237 9889

"The more people are self sufficient in cooking fuel, the more personal and
financial freedom they have." - Emma Casson

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