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Dear All,

First of all, I commend the sender (Bernard?) for the time taken to double
check to look out for literature on AD. In reference to the email sent out
earlier, i wish to share my limited experience with AD.

Personally, I would base my system calculations on the *REALISTIC* *
quantities/volumes* of feedstock (Human excrement and Kitchen waste) that
can be generated on a daily basis as opposed to how much biogas i should
generate to meet the current fuel wood demand (600 tons/cubic meters). How
many students of the 800 are below 10 years? Also, a below student 10
years would not be able to Generate 500gms of excrement per day, I think
it would be a challenge for older students as well.

I am sure, there is a clearly relationship between quantity of feedstock
and volume of biogas to be generated (from the available waste). The
potential volume of gas would corresponds to; digester size, cooking time
(of course this depends on the gas consumption rate of the burner used),
investment costs for the digester, etc. I would keep all my calculations
based on the AVAILABLE FEEDSTOCK. Please, note many digesters fail because
of UNDER FEEDING, also, collection additional waste out of the biogas
user's premises tends to be unsustainable in the long run.

Finally, Keep it simple.

Kind regards

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