Tips on how to use the BioWatts Calculator and adapt it to your biogas project...

Thanks for sharing BioWatts on this forum!

I am looking to improve the calculator. BioWatts calculator is FREE and will remain a FREE online service.

BioWatts has an extensible database of substrates, if you have data that you are willing to make it public, let me know, I'll add it to the platform including the data source.

BioWatts integrate a rule engine which allows me to implement and maintain remuneration set of rules for different countries. If you wish to in include you country, pass on the rules, I'll add them to the BioWatts.

BioWatts aims to become and universal/international calculator, you wish to translate it in your language and add the specific logic that applies for your country. Let's do it!

You wish BioWatts implemented a specific feature that you need. You can either post your suggestion here or add it to http://biowatts.uservoice.com

Today BioWatts is funded by donations, if you think it adds value to your work, remember to make a donation.

I look forward to your critics and suggestions.

Founder / Software Architect
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By Joel MARANHAO on 12:51 BST
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