Rwanda's Prisons Running on Biogas

The New Times, 31st August 2011

All Rwandan prisons are set to become environmentally friendly following the installation of biogas plants.

The Deputy Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS), Mary Gahonzire, disclosed to The New Times that the installation of the Biogas plants in all the prison facilities countrywide is now complete. According to Gahonzire, the use of firewood for cooking purposes was not only environmentally hazardous but costly too.

"We have finished installing biogas plants in all the prisons, which accounts to 75 percent of the energy needs. The rest is covered by peat energy and a small amount of firewood. Peat will supplement biogas and eventually, we hope to completely stop the use of firewood", she noted.

Peat is carbonised vegetation matter used as either fertiliser or a source of energy after decomposition.

Gahonzire further said that the use of biogas has accelerated by the increase of livestock in prisons whose waste is used in the biogas plants. She added that the use of biogas has reduced heavy expenditure on firewood as a source of energy for cooking in prisons.

"We are currently strengthening the concentration and the high level usage of gas in prisons."

She further revealed that the biogas project is one of the most successful among many of their projects so far.
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