Biogas attraction grows in the rural Himalayan district of Arghakhanchi

In the face of lack of access to electricity, people in rural areas in Arghakhanchi district have been attracted towards biogas plant, one of the sources of alternative energy.

Many people in rural Arghakhanchi areas are still without power. An increasing number of villagers are preparing to build biogas plants at their home due to double benefits—power generated from cow and buffalo dung meets the basic need for cooking fuel and lighting up home and at the same time the residues can be reused in agriculture.

Though many villagers may not have known the benefits of biogas plants, the attraction towards this source of alternative energy will be boon to them in many ways. Since all villagers are depended on firewood for their energy consumption that leads to deforestation and is harmful to health, biogas plants ensure healthy environment both inside and outside home.

Biogas companies say continuous load shedding in other areas have fueled attraction towards biogas plants among rural folks in the district.

According to statistics available here, around 4,200 biogas plants have been already installed in the district.

The government provides subsidy in the installation of biogas plants. An estimated cost of Rs 10,000-Rs 25,000 is required to build on biogas plant. Farmers say the attraction towards biogas plant will go up overwhelmingly if the government increases subsidy.
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