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Issue 31: Clays for Stoves

Enabling people to make better use of their local resources is a vital part of development. Clay is an appropriate material for improved stoves in many areas because it is cheap, widely available... [more]

Issue 30: Sales and Subsidies

One of the aims of any improved stoves programme must be to maximise the number of stoves in use, in order that benefits can be enjoyed as widely as possible. In the initial stages of a project,... [more]

Issue 29: Household Energy Developments in Southern and East Africa

Africa is faced with an increasingly serious biomass fuel resource crisis. Many countries derive more than 80% of their total energy requirements from biomass, yet more and more of the continent's... [more]

Issue 28: Biomass Combustion, Chimneys & Hoods

Biomass combustion is at the heart of a stove programme. The cooking stove is generally the most important component of the household energy system and more efficient, cleaner burning of woodfuels... [more]

Issue 27: Women, Woodfuel, Work and Welfare

For resource - poor women the working day stretches from dawn to long after dark. The pressures on women's time are fierce, end cooking and fuel collection are among the most arduous of their... [more]

Issue 26: Technology and Design Transfer

A few years ago, ITDG was suspicious of the concept of technology transfer. If stoves were to be popular we argued, they must be designed locally with the full participation of the users and... [more]

Issue 25: Funding for stove programmes

It has become clear that stove programmes have not been adequately funded in relation to their importance for the people, particularly women of developing countries. Properly cooked food and smoke... [more]

Issue 24: Solar Energy

This edition of Boiling Point includes several articles on Solar Energy. Developments in photo-voltaic technology are still of very limited use for cooking in the developing countries but may... [more]

Issue 23: Measures of Success

After more than a decade of intensive stoves work, the emphasis has changed from technology development and implementation to more systematic planning and the measurement of impact. Although... [more]

Issue 23: Special Edition-Smoke Pollution

The message we are receiving from our contributors, as expressed in this special edition, is that the emphasis of stove programmes is changing. Many programmes now seem to recognize multiple... [more]

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