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Integrating renewable energy into resilient livelihoods – Christian Aid’s experience

Authors: Richard Ewbank
Issue: 61
Lack of access to energy is both a major cause of poverty and a major constraint to increasing the resilience of the most vulnerable livelihoods.... [more]

Sustainable energy for the poor: Using delivery model analysis to understand and design successful interventions

Authors: ben.garside@iied.org, emma.wilson@iied.org
Issue: 63
A stronger understanding of how energy delivery models work can help investors, entrepreneurs, development practitioners and the public sector to... [more]

Energy generation from anaerobic digestion of household waste: Proposed technology package

Authors: DClavejo
Issue: 63
This study undertaken in the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines, assessed the production rate of methane gas for use as energy from an... [more]

Heat transfer efficiency of biomass cookstoves – Examining the effects of Temperature, Mass Flow Rate, and Firepower

Authors: Daniel Joseph Zube, Morgan DeFoort, Joshua Agenbroad
Issue: 63
Heat transfer efficiency (HTE) is identified as the parameter most likely to improve overall thermal efficiency of biomass cookstoves.... [more]

GIZ News

Authors: Katja Diembeck, Monika Rammelt
Issue: 63


Authors: karima@hedon.info
Issue: 63

Using the Delivery Model Canvas to analyse the Ticadaie's Delivery Model

Authors: Raffaella Bellanca, Sarah Wykes
Issue: 63
In 2013, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) published a... [more]

Helpline- Expert response by Robert Aitken

Authors: Robert Aitken
Issue: 63
Creating sustainable solutions to improve people’s livelihoods in peri-urban areas and villages surrounding large cities lies at the heart of what... [more]

Sustainable Energy Enterprise Development: The eco-systems approach

Authors: Sarah Alexander, Arun Patre
Issue: 63
Local energy enterprises craft innovative approaches to deliver off- grid energy solutions based on localised contexts. Their success can be... [more]

Interview with Raffaella Bellanca, Ewan Bloomfield and Kavita Rai, authors of DEFD

Authors: , ewan.bloomfield@practicalaction.org.uk, kavitarai13@gmail.com
Issue: 63
Delivering Energy for Development introduces issues surrounding energy poverty and the importance of energy access as a basic human need, and... [more]

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