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Stove Progress in Kenya and Sri Lanka

Authors: BP Editorial Team
Issue: 15
Sri Lanka and Kenya offer two very different stove development pictures, but both can claim success in terms of the usage of fuel efficient stoves... [more]

Sri Lankan Stoves Past & Present

Authors: R M Amerasekera, B P Sepalage
Issue: 15
The following articles describe the various stove projects now being implemented in Sri Lanka by the Ministry of Power and Energy and its various... [more]

National Fuelwood Conservation Programme

Authors: Camillus Liyange
Issue: 16
"Stoves programmes in several countries are passing from the stage of stove design, experimentation, testing and pilot projects into large scale... [more]

Traditional Fish Smoking in Western Kenya

Authors: Vivienne Abbott
Issue: 15
Although the smoking of Nile perch around the shores of Lake Victoria is often referred to as a form of 'traditional' fish preservation, it has,... [more]

Cooking Cocoons for India's Silk Industry

Authors: Martin Hardingham
Issue: 16
Silkworms in South India, like mulberry silkworms elsewhere produce half a mile or so of filament in each cocoon. In making the cocoon two tiny... [more]

Left Handed/Right Handed

Authors: Kathryn H Clarke
Issue: 15
At least 10% of the world's population is left-handed which means that their cooking practices differ from the right-handed majority. With a... [more]

Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing of Tso Tso Stoves in Zimbabwe

Authors: David Hancock
Issue: 15

The Hambantota Stoves Project

Authors: Mick Howes
Issue: 15
From 1979 to 1983, ITDG collaborated with the Sri Lankan NGO, Sarvodaya, to develop a domestic cooking stove which would conserve fuel and reduce... [more]

Zmart Ztove

Authors: F W Hottenroth
Issue: 15
The ZMART ZTOVE is a stove with a very high efficiency rating. The School of Energy of Bharathidasan University in India has carefully tested it... [more]

The Netherlands - Sri Lanka Energy Programme

Authors: Ton van der Knyff
Issue: 15
Sri Lanka is one of the programme countries of the bi-lateral aid programme of the Netherlands.

Besides programmes on rural and... [more]

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