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GIZ News

Authors: monika.rammelt@giz.de
Issue: 61
  • GIZ Spoke at Second Anniversary of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • European Network of Implementing Agencies to Agree to... [more]

Practical Action News

Authors: teodoro.sanchez@practicalaction.org.uk Abbie Wells
Issue: 61
  • Energy Access for the poor to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Sub-Saharan Countries – ‘Energy for all’
  • Practical... [more]


Authors: Sean Bartlett
Issue: 61
The latest news from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Authors: Mayda Bakri
Issue: 61
  • The Climate Innovation Centre will boost climate technology entrepreneurs in Kenya
  • The solar off-grid lighting market in Rwanda... [more]

Feasibility study: Designing, fabricating, and testing an extended surface heat plate accessory to improve biomass cookstove performance

Authors: danielzube@gmail.com, Morgan.DeFoort@colostate.edu
Issue: 61
This study investigates the feasibility of an extended surface heat plate accessory as a low-cost alternative to a finned pot used on cookstoves... [more]

Regulating for Clean Electricity and Heat in Poor Households: The roles of the South African Developmental State and private sector

Authors: Peet du Ploy
Issue: 61
There is a clear role for a developmental state to drive access to modern energy throughout the economy, but particularly for poor households.... [more]

Development and demonstration of Pongamia Oil based lantern for lighting for rural areas

Authors: hhningasetty@gmail.com
Issue: 61
In rural India, kerosene continues to be one of the important fuels for lighting purposes (used by 51%). More than half of Indian rural households... [more]

Transforming household energy practices to reduce climate risks: Charcoal use in Lusaka, Zambia

Authors: aaron.atteridge@sei-international.org
Issue: 61
The practice of burning charcoal to service household cooking and heating needs, as is common in urban Lusaka, creates not only direct health and... [more]

Building climate resilience through community based energy security

Authors: jjarvie@hq.mercycorps.org, dnicholson@dc.mercycorps.org
Issue: 61
This paper discusses energy programming targeting off-grid communities in development and humanitarian contexts. By using a portfolio of... [more]

Enhancing resilience through energy efficiency: Experience from Tajikistan

Authors: heike.volkmer@giz.de Kambulakwao Chakanga
Issue: 61
In many rural regions of developing countries, households are highly dependent on biomass fuels for basic energy needs such as cooking and... [more]

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