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On-grid electricity delivery for the poor in Africa: The case of Morocco and Ghana

Authors: Mohamed Youba Sokona
Issue: 63
Centralised grid connections are known as the main model for increased electricity access in Africa. Those living in sparsely populated rural... [more]

Mera Goa Power: Low cost micro-grids for priority energy needs

Authors: Nikhil Jaisinghani
Issue: 63
Mera Goa Power (MGP) is a social enterprise that builds, owns and operates solar powered micro grids in North India. Using its unique customised... [more]

Interview with Alix Villedrouin, Vice-President of Ticadaie S.A. Chabon Tout Bon

Authors: Raffaella Bellanca
Issue: 63
Ticadaie is a private company that manufactures green charcoal briquettes as a fuel alternative to traditional wood charcoal. Their goal is to... [more]

Micro-grid deployment: From project development to energy access

Authors: Ranjit Deshmukh, Juan Pablo Carvallo, Daniel M. Kammen, Deepa Shinde Lounsbury, Daniel Schnitzer
Issue: 63
Micro-grids offer tremendous opportunity to expand energy access for economic development, quality of life, and social equity. To build the best... [more]

Decentralising the solar lighting provision: A case study of a solar lantern delivery model from Kenya

Authors: , debajit@india.com Karnamadakala Rahul Sharma
Issue: 63
The provision of clean energy services has gained significant momentum with the launch of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative. While a large... [more]

How to make a Heat Retention Box

Authors: sjoerd@nienhuys.info
Issue: 62
This article presents a new way of cooking food in regions with fuel shortages. The Heat Retention Box (HRB) works on the principles of thermal... [more]

Interview with Dan Wolf - International Lifeline Fund

Authors: lisa@lifelinefund.org
Issue: 61
In this Viewpoints feature we had a talk with Dan Wolf, Founder and Executive Director of the humanitarian organisation International Lifeline... [more]

Boiling Point readership

Authors: mohamed@hedon.info
Issue: 62
A paper questionnaire was sent to all readers receiving the printed version of Boiling Point 61. A slightly larger questionnaire including... [more]

Global crowd funding to increase accessibility for small-scale biodigester projects

Authors: alex@irrimexico.org, rachelalexandrasmith@hotmail.co.uk, humza@sistemabiobolsa.com Paul Ricketts,
Issue: 62
Sistema Biobolsa installs anaerobic digestion systems in small to medium scale farms throughout Mexico and across Latin America and the Caribbean.... [more]

GIZ News

Authors: katja.diembeck@giz.de
Issue: 62
Gaining Momentum - but what to do about it? Clean cooking has made it back on the international agenda. At the International Cooking Energy Forum... [more]

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