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Article Black Tar Dipped Bricks, Car Tyres Being Used As Fuel In Stoves For Room Heating in Ulaanbaatar The health implications of the pollution are shocking. Levels of premature death, chronic bronchitis, respiratory hospital admissions and cardiovascular diseases are increasing at an extraordinarily r
Article 100 Million Stoves A Wireless Stove Use Monitoring System : Winner of Wireless Innovation Project Three small Berkeley companies (BioLite, Electronically Monitoring Ecosystems, and Berkeley Air Monitoring Group); and the Department of Environmental Health Engineering at Sri Ramachandra University
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Article 3rd Biennial PCIA Forum Proceedings now available! The Forum proceedings are now available on the website. Please http://pciaonline.org/2007IndiaForum/index.cfm?/c=proceedings click HERE to view the agenda, attendee roster, program, presentations, a
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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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