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Article Black Tar Dipped Bricks, Car Tyres Being Used As Fuel In Stoves For Room Heating in Ulaanbaatar The health implications of the pollution are shocking. Levels of premature death, chronic bronchitis, respiratory hospital admissions and cardiovascular diseases are increasing at an extraordinarily r
Article Mexico City Residents Losing Sense Of Smell Losing one's sense of smell isn't as medically worrisome as shortness of breath and aggravated heart conditions. But it's another indication of the diminished quality of life that can come from conges
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Article Air pollution costing Philippines billions of pesos in productivity loss & health care expenses The World Bank environmental report on the Philippines, highlights the urgency to adopt remedial measures from the government to the household levels.
Article Better Burning, Better Breathing: Improving Health with Cleaner Cook Stoves One of the biggest hurdles for stove manufacturers is producing a stove that is both affordable and well made. Companies know how to make a stove that has very low emissions, is sturdy, relatively eas
Article Clean stoves, health & climate It is estimated that 28% of all deaths due to indoor air pollution in developing countries occur in India. This article provides an update on some of the ongoing indoor air quality related projects in
Article Impact of improved cookstoves on indoor air pollution & adverse health effects on Honduran women Dr. Maggie Clark of CSU's Dept.of Environmental health's article focuses on the health benefits of the Justa stove in Honduras appearing in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research.
Article India's Killer Cookers A Recipe For Disaster "We haven't experienced any problems with smoke and the smoke from the dung is not harmful, I believe," says a mother in east Delhi slum.It is a common belief among the 800 million-odd Indians who dep
Article More Evidence To Show The Damaging Effect of Indoor Air Pollutants on Women Micronucleus formation, DNA damage and repair in premenopausal women chronically exposed to high level of indoor air pollution from biomass fuel use in rural India.
Article NEPAL: Indoor pollution proves deadly Khadka a resident of Basamari village of Nawalparasis District, says that she knows it's not healthy with so much smoke inside the kitchen but there is no other option and what alternative do they hav
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