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Article Black Tar Dipped Bricks, Car Tyres Being Used As Fuel In Stoves For Room Heating in Ulaanbaatar The health implications of the pollution are shocking. Levels of premature death, chronic bronchitis, respiratory hospital admissions and cardiovascular diseases are increasing at an extraordinarily r
Article $1 Million prize won by 'Trees Water and People' for distributing cleaner stoves for poor A Colorado group concerned that wasteful wood burning by the world's poor could doom efforts to slow global warming has won a $1 million prize for its work distributing tens of thousands of high-effi
Article A new standard on Pressurized paraffin-fuelled appliances from SABS The SABS has just published a world class safety standard for Pressurized paraffin-fuelled appliances known as SANS 1243:2007. The standard is a voluntary safety standard for all paraffin stoves and h
Article A Small Stove With Big Ambitions Global energy giant BP is producing and marketing Oorja, which means energy in Hindu, a small pellet stove costing $17 that could reduce carbon emissions and improve women’s health in India
Article Biochar Land Grabbing: The impacts on Africa This report by the African Biodiversity Network, Gaia Foundation and Biofuelwatch exposes the real situation in Africa, the risk of land-grabbing on a scale that dwarfs current land-grabs for agrofuel
Article Black Carbon concentrations in kitchens using firewood and kerosene fuels In this study, the magnitude of black carbon in the kitchen was quantified in giving a preliminary picture about its potential on human health burden. BC concentration was derived from PM10 measuremen
Article Bosch and Siemens Introduce Protos Stove For Developing World The plant-oil stove protos, developed by BSH, is more than just a cooker; it also generates positive ecological, economic, health and social benefits Protos is an innovative technology that allows the
Article BP and MIT Exploring New Fuel Options To Fight Global Energy Problems BP became a founding member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative this week to explore energy conversion of low-carbon feedstocks.
Article Call for Abstracts-Beyond Firewood:Exploring Alternative Fuels & Energy Technologies This is the first-ever major international research conference on firewood and alternative cooking fuels and energy technologies in humanitarian settings on December 11-12, 2008 in New Delhi, India.La
Article Clean Cooking Fuels and Technologies Workshop - A Report The workshop was held on June 16-17, 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey.The objectives were to bring together a diverse group of experts working on the issue of clean cooking fuels and technologies for the poor
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