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Article Black Carbon concentrations in kitchens using firewood and kerosene fuels In this study, the magnitude of black carbon in the kitchen was quantified in giving a preliminary picture about its potential on human health burden. BC concentration was derived from PM10 measuremen
Wiki CleanAirSIG:Third-WorldStoveSootIsTargetInClimateFight
Article Envirofit helping to reduce black carbon with sales of over 100,000 low-cost cookstoves Since unveiling the first line of clean cookstoves, Envirofit, a technology leader using sustainable, business models to solve global health & environmental problems, report sales of over 100,000 cook
Article India's Killer Cookers A Recipe For Disaster "We haven't experienced any problems with smoke and the smoke from the dung is not harmful, I believe," says a mother in east Delhi slum.It is a common belief among the 800 million-odd Indians who dep
Article Stove soot in developing countries targeted as major contributor in the climate change fight KOHLUA, India: “It’s hard to believe that this is what’s melting the glaciers,” said Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan, one of the world’s leading climate scientists on observing mud cookstoves po
Article UN: Cut Black Carbon, Save Lives and Slow Climate Change The dirty, low-tech burning of fossil fuels, wood and other biomass produces poisonous pollution and “short-lived climate forcers”, mainly black carbon, methane and ground-level ozone.
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