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Envirofit features in the UK's 'Sunday Times': Stove "won’t kill the world’s poor"

The [[Shell Foundation]] and [[Envirofit]] have featured in the UK newspaper "The Sunday Times". The article explains Envirofit's ambitions to address indoor air pollution using a commercial model, an 

Farmers Trade Crops for Solar Lighting in the Solomons

An article taken from the REEEP website, focuses on the implementation of a "solar lighting finance scheme in the Solomons, enabling communities to trade crops for much needed access to light." 

GreenMicrofinance celebrates Earth Day 2009 with the launch of an Online University Forum

GreenMicrofinanceT launches online university forum uniting students and practitioners to address climate change by merging microfinance with environmental sustainability. 

Jamii Bora and GreenMicrofinance join forces to bring their green visions to reality

Jamii Bora's Eco-Village, Kaputei, is up & running but needs investment for its clean energy plant; financing will be arranged by GreenMicrofinance. Ingrid Munro and Elizabeth Israel, 2 grandmothers  

Micro loans bring light to rural poor

In India, solar power projects, often funded by microcredit institutions, are helping the country reduce carbon emissions and achieve its goal to double the contribution of renewable energy....within  

Partnership provides “Pico-solar” in rural Vanuatu

Thanks to a partnership between VANWODS (Vanuatu’s premier micro-finance institution), VANREPA (Vanuatu Renewable Energy & Power Association) & Green Power thousands of rural Vanuatu households are  

Report: Emerging market, emerging models: Market based solutions to the challenges of global poverty

The report investigates 'Market-based solutions' as a means to help those residing at the base of the global income pyramid. Market-based solutions give low-income people better access to socially ben 

Rural Women -India’s New Retailers

Microfinance institutions are going beyond financial products to sell phones, fridges and more. Everyone gains: rural consumers, rural sellers, companies and MFIs. 
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