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Article 17th European Biomass Conference Proceedings now available online We are pleased to inform you that the Conference Proceedings jointly elaborated by ETA-Florence Renewable Energies and WIP-Munich are now available for purchase.
Article A Range of Clean Burning Biomass Stoves launched in India By Envirofit and Shell Foundation (UK) Shell Foundation India supports the project as part of their Breathing Space Program. There aim is to see 10 million stoves sold in five countries in the next five years.
Article Announcing a new book from ENERGIA: WHERE ENERGY IS WOMEN'S BUSINESS A summary of [[ENERGIA]] commissioned regional reports, as well as national consultations in countries where there are significant linkages between dependence on biomass for energy, women's roles as e
Article Biomass Fuel Use Leads to DNA Damage in Women DNA damage in lymphocytes of rural Indian women exposed to biomass fuel smoke as assessed by the Comet assay. They have found wide acceptance in monitoring human genotoxicity caused by lifestyle and o
Article Book on biomass gasifier experiences available to download An account on biomass gasifier for heat applications in small and micro enterprises in Asia and Africa documenting the participatory approach, the problems encountered and their resolution, as well as
Article Case study: Tuberculosis and indoor biomass & kerosene use in Nepal In Nepal, Tuberculosis (TB) is a major problem. Worldwide, six previous epidemiologic studies have investigated whether indoor cooking with biomass fuel such as wood or agricultural wastes is associat
Article Cleaner Hearths, Better Homes: New Stoves for India and the Developing World This publication has a twofold goal: describing India’s best legacy improved biomass stove programs and recommending ways in which the international community can promote stoves that are commerciall
Article Energy for Development: Comparative Cooking Costs in Developing Countries "Recently we have just reviewed many of the programs for improved stoves in developing countries, & we were quite surprised to find that there were few analyses of comparative cooking costs." - ''Doug
Article FoST Nepal runners up in the World Challenge 2007 For their work on biomass briquettes made from waste, The Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST) in Nepal have been awarded a runners up prize in the World Challenge 2007, brought to you by BB
Article HSBC Announces 'Green' loans To Indians to Buy Biogas ,Solar Panel Installation ...... The 'green' banking packages would award Indians easy loans, should they want them, for a diverse basket of eco-friendly commodities, such as solar panel installation or a biogas cooker.
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