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Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2010
The Poor People’s Energy Outlook presents a unique perspective on energy access in developing countries. It reports in unprecedented detail the experiences of energy use and deprivation of people living in poverty. It is widely agreed now that access to energy is a prerequisite for poverty reduction and human development – modern energy services are essential to meet basic and productive needs. And yet, the realities of the relationship people living in poverty have with energy is not well understood. This report seeks to address this issue in order to reconnect energy policy. This publication will be of interest to anyone seeking to better understand energy access and its role in development at a human scale.
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Locally manufactured open source hardware small wind turbines for rural electrification
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Light our fire - Commercialising clean cookstoves
This analysis provides an overview of the main barriers for private investments in the clean cookstove sector which prevents large-scale commercialisation. We discuss the effectiveness of past clean cookstove deployment and subsidisation practices, before laying out alternative strategies for how funding should be structured to attract private investors and stimulate the development of subsidy-free vibrant markets for clean cookstoves.
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Household Energy Poverty and Paraffin Consumption in South Africa
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BP62 Open source hardware small wind turbines
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Carbon Pulse: Launch of a new online service
Carbon Pulse is a new online service dedicated to providing in-depth news and intelligence about carbon pricing initiatives and climate change policies around the world. Coverage focuses mainly on car
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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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