MENA Clean Energy Forum 2014

By: Karima Hirji  on: Wed 27 of Aug., 2014 10:00 GMT  expires: Mon 08 of Dec., 2014 00:00 GMT  (191 Views)
We are delighted to announce the upcoming MENA Clean Energy Forum which will be taking place in Dubai on 9 December 2014.

The MENA Clean Energy Forum will bring together stakeholders interested in investing, financing, developing and operating clean energy projects in the regions.

We have a number of speaking opportunities available and are currently accepting presentation proposals. For more information on speaking and sponsoring opportunities please contact: Vivian Peters on +44 (0) 20 3239 6776 or


Tanzania To Use More Natural Gas And Coal To Combat Energy Poverty

By: Karima Hirji  on: Tue 12 of Aug., 2014 10:05 GMT  (710 Views)
In the last several years, Tanzania has suffered from a growing energy deficit, in part due to recurring droughts that have crippled hydropower capacity. The government recently launched a 10-year initiative aiming to diversify its power generation sources to include more natural gas and introduce coal. Concerns about the climate are legitimate, but to raise its citizens out of poverty, the energy roadmap has prioritised raising per capita income in Tanzania from $640 to at least $3,000. Critics say the government has mostly failed to tap the country’s other renewable energy potential to help bridge the power gap.

Alliance for Rural Electrification 'Energy Access' Seminar

By: Karima Hirji  on: Thu 07 of Aug., 2014 12:53 GMT  expires: Tue 30 of Sep., 2014 00:00 GMT  (320 Views)
30 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium

You are warmly invited to the upcoming ARE Energy Access Seminar to learn how to successfully realise self-sustainable business solutions for access to energy and services in developing countries by making use of upcoming finance supporting schemes. Experts with long-standing experience in the sector will give practical insights and hands-on advice to both experts and newcomers from the private and public sector on important issues for practitioners.

Register here:

PV Project Development Africa 2014

By: Karima Hirji  on: Wed 06 of Aug., 2014 10:20 GMT  expires: Tue 09 of Sep., 2014 00:00 GMT  (193 Views)
Johannesburg, South Africa, 9-10 September 2014

This event will bring together all the key industry stakeholders to discuss the commercial evolution and sustainability of the PV market in South Africa.

Find out more about the event here:

The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund announces third round of the REACT funding window

By: Karima Hirji  on: Wed 06 of Aug., 2014 10:10 GMT  (203 Views)
The AECF Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technologies (REACT) window is a special fund of the AECF that is open to business ideas based on low cost clean energy and solutions (technologies, products, services) that can help rural people adapt to climate change.

REACT provides patient risk capital (grants, interest free loans) to businesses with potentially transformative climate change solutions and which seek to make a profit, go to scale and to have a deep social impact. To date, REACT is investing in 32 companies across East Africa and 12 in Mozambique, with an overall portfolio size of approximately US$34 million.

Microgrid Deployment Workshop: Implementing Grid-Tied, Remote, and Off-Grid Solutions

By: Karima Hirji  on: Wed 06 of Aug., 2014 09:44 GMT  expires: Sun 21 of Sep., 2014 00:00 GMT  (187 Views)
Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, September 22-23, 2014

Don't miss this opportunity to network with colleagues from around the world who are taking microgrids to the next level of efficiency and ROI.

Register at:

ICCG Competition: Best Climate Practices for Energy Poverty Alleviation

By: Karima Hirji  on: Thu 31 of July, 2014 10:29 GMT  (274 Views)
On the launching of the Best Climate Practices observatory’s new platform, the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) is inaugurating its second edition of the International Competition on Best Climate Practices with this year’s invitation to submit innovative proposals on the theme of energy poverty.

Watch the video:

New GSI and IISD Report: Power, Gender and Fossil-fuel Subsidy Reform in India

By: Karima Hirji  on: Thu 31 of July, 2014 10:23 GMT  (267 Views)
Published on July 11 2014, this paper explores the link between fossil-fuel subsidies and gender in India. It focuses on the likely gender impacts of reform across cooking, lighting, pumping and transport fuels.

First African Waste-to-Ethanol Company recognized by Mentor Capital Network

By: Karima Hirji  on: Mon 28 of July, 2014 16:03 GMT  (262 Views)
Small Medium Enterprise Fundamentals’ (SMEFUNDS) Green Energy & Biofuels won the 2014 WJF Chuck Dell Award for Sustainable Business. Mentor Capital Network selected the enterprise based on social impact and potential for growth. The award was a competitive process that considered the business models and results from 558 social enterprises from around the world.

Bioenergy from Forest Conference

By: Karima Hirji  on: Mon 28 of July, 2014 11:47 GMT  expires: Tue 16 of Sep., 2014 00:00 GMT  (219 Views)
September 16 2014, Helsinki, Finland
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