GVEP: Jiko Smart Improved Cookstoves

By: Karima Hirji  on: Thu 29 of Jan., 2015 19:52 GMT  (62 Views)
GVEP recently engaged in the Spark Fund programme supported by the GACC, that aimed at improving the performance and quality of locally manufactured efficient cookstoves in Kenya. Watch the new video about the manufacturing and distribution of “Jiko Smart” improved cookstoves at:

Knowledge Point: Energy Knowledge Partnership

By: Karima Hirji  on: Thu 29 of Jan., 2015 19:46 GMT  (51 Views)
The Energy Knowledge Partnership will expand a successful existing portal Knowledge Point which was developed by Practical Action in collaboration with WaterAid, IRC, REDR and EngineersAid. Visit Knowledge Point ( to post and respond to energy related questions.

StovePlus: A Study to Better Understand Cookstove Business Models

By: Karima Hirji  on: Mon 26 of Jan., 2015 12:51 GMT  (207 Views)
Conducted alongside GIZ, this study comes at an important time where market-led approaches are increasingly used for cookstove dissemination and as market actors search for more effective and sustainable ways of financing their businesses and investing in stove value chains. Focusing on investment choices and flows, researchers aimed to bring recommendations from major market actors to the sector’s financers, such as donors and private investors, and lessons learned to practitioners in the sector. Full study available from:

GACC- New Study Estimates That Clean Cookstoves Could Reduce Emissions from Woodfuels By Up to 17 Percent

By: Karima Hirji  on: Mon 26 of Jan., 2015 12:28 GMT  (174 Views)
Research identifies where clean and efficient cookstoves can have biggest benefits in battling climate change. New research published in Nature Climate Change analyses the impact that gathering and burning wood for fuel has on deforestation and greenhouse pollution and identifies regions where the climate benefits from clean and efficient cookstoves will be greatest. The research was conducted by experts at Yale University and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and was funded by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (Alliance), with support from DFID, Malta, and Spain. Read full article at:

Practical Action's Poor People's Energy Briefing Series

By: Karima Hirji  on: Mon 26 of Jan., 2015 12:23 GMT  (114 Views)
Practical Actions' poor people's energy briefing series offers critical input into the fast moving and dynamic energy sector from the perspective of what matters for poor people. This energy briefing series will be a vehicle to share new evidence and learning. It aims to be thought-provoking and to challenge the business-as-usual approach to energy access debates. The series is a space for collaboration with energy access practitioners and policymakers. It seeks to inform how we can deliver on global, regional, and national energy access commitments, with one aim: to reach the universal energy access goal by 2030 and provide poor people with the energy services they demand, need, and have a right to. Available at:

Tanzania National Renewable Energy Day 2015

By: Matthew J. Matimbwi  on: Wed 21 of Jan., 2015 03:53 GMT  expires: Fri 26 of June, 2015 19:00 GMT  (122 Views)
Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) will conduct the event of Tanzania National Renewable Energy Day 2015 at Masasi, Mtwara, Tanzania from 25 to 26 June, 2015. Details are at the link

Over $600,000 released to improve productivity of Senegalese businesses and benefit rural communities

By: Marcus Gayle  on: Tue 18 of Mar., 2014 10:21 GMT  (1877 Views)
Grant funding will be used to support thirteen Senegalese businesses in several sectors to enhance their productivity and boost economic activities through improved provision of energy.

Renewable energy powers rural Nepal into the future

By: Marcus Gayle  on: Tue 18 of Mar., 2014 10:00 GMT  (1532 Views)
The micro hydro initiative is meeting the energy needs of Nepal's rural communities and powering their economic development.

Pioneers of low-carbon, climate-resilient development share progress

By: Marcus Gayle  on: Mon 17 of Mar., 2014 19:01 GMT  (1108 Views)
Governments from Africa and Asia that are shifting to low-carbon, climate-resilient development pathways will share their progress on 20-21 March at a meeting in Ethiopia organised by IIED and Echnoserve.

Caribbean biogas company to provide energy from waste to housing development in Jamaica

By: Marcus Gayle  on: Mon 17 of Mar., 2014 18:31 GMT  (1282 Views)
CaribShare, a social enterprise delivering energy-from-waste solutions has signed a contract to power a new housing development in Jamaica. The deal will help to strengthen the livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable waste management and clean energy generation.
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