The conference is held in from 31st of August to 4th of September.


Tampere and Jämsä cities, Finland.

FINBIO - The Bioenergy Association of Finland will organize with co-operation of FinnMetko Exhibition the FOREST BIOENERGY 2010 conference. The conference is held in from 31st of August to 4th of September in Tampere and Jämsä cities, Finland.

The Conference will focus on the factors affecting the future of the bioenergy. The abstracts will play a very important role of the programme. At the moment an important role is to create forest energy markets and mobilization. We like to learn more about examples how to create markets and to overcome barriers on national and international markets. Some countries, as e.g. Russia, and areas, as e.g. North America and South America, have huge forest resources and will play an important role in international business. Other important thing is forest energy resources in national strategies. Modern technologies for forest fuel production, handling transport and logistics will be presented and shown during technical tour to FinnMetko exhibition. Combustion, boiler technologies and Combined Heat and Power Production (CHP) -power plants for forest fuels are of importance in practical use. The conference will also focus on conversion technologies, especially production of transport fuels and pyrolysis. Wood pellets are important in changing heating systems from fossil fuels to renewables. Wood pellets can also be used in coal power plants.

International Committee of the Forest Bioenergy Conference has been nominated and following members has confirmed participation
  • Professor Dan Asplund, Chairman of the committee
  • Dr. Arto Timperi, Chairman of the Forest Bioenergy Conference
  • Dr. Kyriakos Maniatis, EU
  • Jean-Marc Jossart, pääsihSecretary General, AEBIOM, Belgium
  • Ken Kojima,Japan Bioenergy Association, Japani
  • Heinz Kopetz, President, Austrian Biomass Associationand Aebiom, Austria
  • Jim Richardson,Canadian Bioenergy Association (Canbio), Canada

Minister Sirkka-Liisa Anttila has accepted the invitation to speak at Forestry Bioenergy 2010. The Member of Parliament Sirkka-Liisa Anttila has been Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, since 19 April 2007. She was first member of parliament 1983 - 1996 and again since 1999. She was Member of European Parliament 1996 - 1999. She is running a farm with her husband.

The Main Program

  • 31st of August Pre-Tour from Helsinki to Tampere
  • 1st to 2nd of September Conference at Tampere
  • 3rd of September Technical Tour to FinnMetko Exhibition
  • 4th of September FinnMetko Exhibition
  • Conference
  • International FinnMetko 2010 Exhibition
  • Social and cultural programme
  • Language: English

Further information

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