Royal Geographical Society,
1 Kensington Gore,

Dr Mark Huxham, Napier University
Dr Glen Reynolds Royal Society SE Asia Rainforest Research Programme

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5.30pm to 6.30pm: Citizen Science Competition Advice Clinic
6pm - Cash bar, photo exhibition
7pm – Lecture
8.30pm – Cash bar

Almost half of the planet’s original forests have been severely damaged by illegal logging and uncontrolled conversion to farmland, compromising their capacity to support wildlife, maintain soil structure and fertility, protect watersheds, and provide essential raw materials for local communities. However, if well managed, forests are extremely resilient, demonstrating an extraordinary capacity to regenerate. In the face of decades of human exploitation – and now climate change – how can we restore forests before they become biological deserts?

Join Earthwatch scientists, Drs Mark Huxham and Glen Reynolds, as they take you on a journey to mangrove forests in Kenya and the rainforests of Borneo. They will share with you the results to date of their pioneering research into the restoration of two very different, yet similarly challenged, forest ecosystems.

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