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5.30pm to 6.30pm: Citizen Science Competition Advice Clinic
6pm: - Cash bar, photo exhibition
7pm: – Lecture
8.30pm: – Cash bar

Professor Ken Norris, University of Reading
Dr Mark Chandler, Earthwatch

BBC Countryfile presenter, Julia Bradbury

Founded in 1971, Earthwatch is an international environmental charity which engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. We work with a wide range of partners, from individuals who work as conservation volunteers on research teams through to corporate partners, governments and institutions.

As the world’s population increases and climate change forces land use patterns to change, pressures upon farmers to produce more food on limited agricultural land grows by the day. Some believe we will have to grow more food over the next 50 years than we have over the last 10,000. Yet productive and sustainable agriculture
depends on healthy ecosystems - fertile soil, plentiful water and flourishing natural pollinators and pest controllers. Can we reconcile the conflict between urgently intensifying agriculture and conserving precious ecosystems?

Join environmental charity, Earthwatch, as their scientists, Professor Ken Norris and Dr Mark Chandler, tease apart the complex issues at the heart of this debate, relating it to their research on the sustainability of cocoa farming in Ghana and coffee production in Costa Rica.

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