To discuss experiences, barriers, solutions, best practices and the way forward to bring more clean energy to the poor with carbon markets and focus on the replacement of traditional biomass sources.

20.00-20.10h: Introduction + ‘setting the scene’ by the facilitator – Prof. John Lovett (University of Twente)

20.10-20.25h: Case 1: (Practical Action)

20.25-20.40h: The regulatory angle – new approaches and adjusted methodologies – (Chairman SSC WG) – T.B.C.

20.40-20.55h: Case 2: Domestic biogas in Asia – Jeroen van Bruggen (SNV Netherlands Development Organisation)

20.55-21.10h: The market angle – which markets and approaches are most suitable – Renat Heuberger (South Pole)

21.10-21.30h: Discussion lead by facilitator

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