Developing and engaging community participation in climate change initiative.

CEFI and the DDRN Working Group on “Air Quality and Air Pollution Management in Urban Areas in Less Developed Countries” are arranging an after-hour meeting Friday the 18th of December 2009 from 15.00 - 17.00 at COWI, Parallelvej 2, Lyngby, Denmark

The meeting with the Working Group will involve CEFI as a representative from South Asia, discussing the current state of participation in urban climate change activities. Through an examination of CEFI’s experience in developing its program on climate change and an examination of the successes and failures of other NGOs in South Asia in reaching out to the public on climate change issues, a picture of the state of affairs on climate change in South Asia will be developed.

The confirmed speakers on enhancing participation for networks on climate change will also present their views. They will focus on the following topics:
  • Peter Normann Vangsbo, COWI - challenge for urban climate change
  • Shubhangi Kitchloo, CEFI - public participation and climate adaptation in South Asia
  • Tobias Lau, Social Action - public awareness in relation to urban climate mitigation
  • Jasper Steinhausen, COWI - Public participation in the Copenhagen municipality climate adaptation plan (not-confirmed)
  • Rasmus Vincent, Danish Energy Management - public global climate action - perspective

The floor will then be opened up all interested and to the Working Group for their views, experiences and input on developing networks on climate change and community participation.

Please register for the meeting before the 16 December.
Peter Vangsbo,
E-mail: pvma at

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