Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research,


11-13 January 2010

An Event on Innovative Research and Action focusing on Energy and Environment Sectors

The issues of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development are of critical importance, particularly, in developing economies. The energy needs of development, throughout the world, are facing an unprecedented challenge. It is estimated that the global energy demand will grow by more than sixty percent in the year 2030 from its level at the beginning of this century and almost eighty percent of this demand will be in non-OECD countries. Rising socio-economic and environmental concerns of energy use have resulted in search for new and renewable energy forms such as biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy etc. Similarly, the burgeoning environmental problems are posing serious threat to mankind and urgent measures are needed to tackle them.

Objective and Scope

The objective of this Symposium is to provide a forum to present and discuss research and action based approaches used for sustainability. The objectives will be achieved through bringing together concerned stakeholders, including academicians, research scientists, corporate executives and policy makers, associated with innovative research and action on any aspect of sustainability.

Topics to be Covered

Broadly, the Symposium will cover concepts, methodology and case studies on sustainability aspects of energy and environment sectors. Some major areas to be addressed are-
  • Problems of local ecosystems concerned with Air, Water, Forests, and Land Resources;
  • Health hazards and other effects of Pollution and their solutions;
  • Issues of global importance such as Green House Emissions and Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Trade and Environment Linkages;
  • Tools for Assessment of Sustainability including Life Cycle Approaches;
  • Development of new and renewable Energy Forms including wind, solar, and biomass energy; and
  • Sustainability of Bio-energy in Developing Economies with focus on East Asia.


10 December 2009


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Further information

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Contributions for International Journal for Sustainable Innovations invited

Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, India, is planning to launch an international journal titled as - IJSI- International Journal for Sustainable Innovations - This is planned an inter-disciplinary journal with focus on energy, environment and sustainable development issues. The Journal's Editorial Board (JEB), consists of 20 subject experts from various countries incuding USA, Europe, Japan, India, Africa and Latin America. The first issue of the journal may be published in 2010.

Contributions to the IJSI are cordially invited.