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The Carpenters Arms Pub
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From 18:30 to 20:30 (NB. normally people stay longer)


The Sahara Forest Project, A proposal for mitigation of the effects and causes of climate change - by Charlie Paton, Director at Seawater Greenhouse Ltd

The Sahara Forest Project is a scheme that aims to provide a new source of fresh water, food and renewable energy in hot arid regions as well as providing conditions that enable re-vegetating areas of desert. The Sahara is used here as a metaphor for any desert that formerly supported vegetation, and could do so again, given sufficient water.

Charlie studied at Central School of Art and Design in London. Working his way through College as an electrician - starting his career with ITN as a studio assistant on the Apollo 11 launch (1969), he went on to become a lighting designer and maker of special effects.

Charlie's broad understanding of a range of technologies and the intricate mechanism of photosynthesis lead to the concept for the Seawater Greenhouse. He initiated the project and has been actively engaged in it's development. He gained European Commission support for the first R&D and demonstration pilot in Tenerife. He has designed and supervised the construction of two further Seawater Greenhouses in Abu Dhabi and Oman which are currently undergoing crop trials.

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