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PRESS RELEASE: 29 June 2009

Prof. Bryan M. Jenkins, USA, awarded for Europe’s Top Bioenergy Prize at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Hamburg. For details click here


Conference: 29th June to 3rd July 2009
Exhibition: 29th June to 2nd July 2009 – free, no entrance fee


CCH-Congress Center Hamburg,

The 17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - From research to industry and markets, covers the whole range of biomass related topics from Biomass Resources, Conversion Processes, Biofuels to Markets and Policies. It is a global event in both senses; covering the biomass topics from around the world and assessing each topic in detail.
  • 270 Plenary and Oral Presentations
  • Diversity of Conference Program:
  • Highly sophisticated research and engineering issues
  • In-depth analysis of market environment related topics
  • Changes and development of the political framework
  • 15% of Presentations about Biofuels
  • Great opportunity to get a holistic overview over all aspects of biomass
Jean-François Dallemand and Heinz Ossenbrink, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, ISPRA and Technical Programme Coordinators confirm; at this year’s conference one focus will be on biofuels as about 40 contributions (15%) of the 270 plenary and oral presentations will deal with various aspects of the biofuels sector. Several of them are highly sophisticated research and engineering issues, others going to the point of interest of politicians, developers and implementers.

The following topics will be presented and also controversially discussed amongst 40 speeches in the area of biofuels:
  • Microalgae as Promising Source for Biodiesel Production
  • Next Generation of Biofuels Production: Biodiesel and Green Diesel
  • The substitution potential of Biofuels in Aviation
  • Jatropha Biodiesel Research and Development in China
  • Global Biofuels Supply and Demand Outlook: Facing a brave new world?
  • Impact of Biodiesel Introduction in the Worldwide Vegetable Oil Market

The Biomass Conference and Exhibition as an international platform for the exchange of opinions and knowledge on a professional level is known for the fact that all research, demonstration and application results in the biofuels field are assessed on the occasion of the Conference. All issues are presented and discussed and all future biofuels perspectives are evaluated.

The 17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition will be chaired by Giovanni Federigo De Santi, Director of the Institute for Energy (IE), Joint Research Centre (JRC) - European Commission.

Giovanni Federigo De Santi will welcome the Conference at the Opening Session on Monday, 29 June 2009. Subsequent, high-ranking international personalities will present their point of view concerning the role of Biomass for Research, Industry and Climate Protection.

Michael Müller, Parlamentarian Secretary of State at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, will welcome the audience on behalf of the host country Germany.

Fabrizio Barbaso, European Commission, Deputy Director General for Energy and Transport, will give an opening speech about "Promoting Biomass in the EU and the Role of Biomass in the Renewable Energy Directive".

Jos Delbeke, European Commission, Deputy Director General for Environment will attend the Conference. Jos Delbeke will deliver the address from the European Commission, DG Environment, at the Opening Session.

Valri Lightner, Biomass Program Manager at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will give an overview of the US Biofuels efforts.

Josè Moreira, Director CENBIO – Brazilian National Biomass Reference Centre, Brasil will deliver his speech with the title "The Brazilian biomass challenge – how the biomass sector in Brazil developed and where it is targeting to".

The message from Russia will be delivered by Sergey Mazurenko, Head of Federal Agency for Science and Innovations Russia.

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The Event is supported by the European Commission, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA), the Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS), the Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) Campaign, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and further organisations.