"Our Mission is to promote programs and businesses that produce sustainable goods and services and help reduce reliance on fossil fuels. IRRI supports rural and low-income communities with the objective of improving the quality of life through generating, developing, and conserving local resources. IRRI’s vision is sustainable and equitable prosperity in a world without contamination."

November 9-13: Technology and Water Management, San Miguel Allende, GTO

Aimed at those who want to learn about the management of this vital liquid. This workshop will include theoretical and practical installation of filters, demonstrating a system for capturing rainwater, greywater treatment and biodigestors. In addition, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a week at the Pueblo Mágico de San Miguel de Allende.

Enfocado a quienes quieren aprender acerca del manejo de este vital líquido. Este taller teórico-práctico incluye la instalación de filtros, demostración de un sistema de captación de agua pluvial, tratamiento de aguas grises y de los biodigestores. Además este taller es una excelente oportunidad para disfrutar una semana en el Pueblo Mágico de San Miguel de Allende.


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