31 August 2009 to 4 September 2009


Jyväskylä, Finland

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The Conference will focus on the factors affecting the future of the bioenergy and biobased modern technologies and business solutions, including logistic systems, management, total procurement chains, the effects of the energy markets, the influence of green marketing and other trends affecting forestry, agriculture, industry and climate.

The Main Program

Bioenergy 2009 Conference Programme is published!

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  • 31st of August Pre-Tour, at the evening Get together, Registration begins
  • 1st to 2nd of September Conference
  • 3rd of September Technical tours/Exhibition
  • 4th of September Post-Conference Tour/Exhibition

  • Conference with plenary sessions, oral presentations and poster viewing
  • Business to Business Event
  • Technical tours and visits to practical bioenergy targets
  • International Bioenergy 2009 Exhibition
  • Social and cultural programme
  • Language: English

KeyNote Speakers

  • Minister ofEmployment and the Economy Mauri Pekkarinen, Finland
  • Minister ofEnvironment Paula Lehtomäki, Finland
  • Dr Ian de la Roche, FP Innovations, Canada
  • President and CEO Avrim Lazar, Forest Products Association of Canada, Canada
  • CEO Matti Hilli, Vapo Oy, Finland
  • Forestry Bio Energy Business Manager Marica Kilponen, John Deere Forestry, Finland
  • Dr. Markku Nurmi, Director General, Ministry of the Environment, Chairman of Steering Committee of EEP, Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America,Finland.


  • Bioenergy in Forest Industry
  • Bioenergy in Agriculture and Food Industry
  • Bioenergy in Heating, Cooling and CHP
  • Biofuels and technologies in Traffic Sector

Conference Topics

  • Strategies, Politics, Legislation Tools and Implementation Issues: possibilities to support the EU-targets, Kyoto Protocol, national targets and free energy markets and green values, sustainable development and security of energy supply
  • Climate change: sustainable use of bioenergy, sustainability criteria of biofuels, LCA on green house gas reduction, carbon dioxide capture,
  • Bioenergy Markets and Business: national and international bioenergy markets, financial and market instruments, certificates, feed in tariff, emission trading, fuel quality assurances and standards, price competitiveness, management systems
  • Biomass Resources: potentials, quantities, measurements methods, qualities and properties for feedstock from forestry, agriculture, peatlands, municipals and processing industry
  • Fuel production, logistics and technologies: production, pre-treatment, procurement, transport and logistics
  • Combustion and boiler systems: combustion and boiler technologies and systems for industries, district heating, house blocks, small houses and agriculture nets
  • Combined Heat and Power Production (CHP): power plant, district heating and small scale technologies and systems for CHP production
  • Chemical Conversion Technologies: gasification, pyrolysis, biological conversion and liquid fuels production (biodiesel, ethanol, direct/indirect liquefaction)
  • Pellets: different raw materials, production, use
  • Biogas: raw materials, production, upgrading and different use sectors
  • Biomas to liquids (BTL): production, upgrading and use
  • Sustainable peat: production, handling ,combustion and processing to transport fuels
  • National and Areal Demonstration and Market Implementations of Bioenergy Production and Use in different Bioenergy Sectors
  • Environmental Issues: flue gas cleaning, ash handling and recycling, sustainable development
  • Applications of information and communication technologies: internet, mobile phone technology, electronic documentations, remote management tools, internet marketing and information dissemination.

The different topics cover R&D results, demonstration, cases, equipments and good practises.

Conference Fees

Before June 30:
  • Member of Finbio and speakers: 450 € (inc. VAT 22%)
  • Other 520 € (inc. VAT 22%)
  • Conference Dinner 65 €

After June 30
  • Member of Finbio: 520 € (inc. VAT 22%)
  • Other 600 € (inc. VAT 22%)
  • Conference Dinner 65 €

Abstract Submission for Poster Session Deadline: 30th June 2009

Papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions and all accepted papers will be published in the Book of Proceedings. Authors wishing to submit a contribution should read the following instructions carefully and send an abstract to the address given below.

The abstract, single spaced in English, should include:
  • Applicable subject number http://www.bioenergy2009.finbioenergy.fi/default.asp?sivuID=24768 (1 to 15 topic)]
  • Full title
  • Full name and address of one author for all correspondence
  • Full name of each author and co-author, affiliation, address and phone, fax or e-mail
  • Purpose of the work
  • Approach
  • Scientific innovation and relevance
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Business to Business - event

September 2nd

In connection to Bioenergy 2009 conference and exhibition companies are offered an additional channel of marketing your business and establishing new personal contacts through pre-scheduled meetings with companies and organisations from many different countries.

The pre-booked meetings last 25 minutes each and will take place in a purpose built meeting environment at the fair on September 1st and 2nd. The business to business meetings are exclusively addressed to companies, research institutes, municipalities and financial institutes that are actively engaged within the field of bioenergy.

The objective of the business to business event is to actively stimulate and support the commercial dissemination of innovation and transactional technology transfer within the bioenergy companies and organsations by organising a qualified face-to-face forum.
The business to business event greatly assists and encourages participants to identify, approach and develop new business opportunities in existing and new market sectors with other international companies in a cost and time efficient way.

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Professor Dan Asplund
Chairman of the Conference
4th International Bioenergy 2009 Confenrence - Sustainable Bioenergy Business

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