"EuropeAid has the pleasure of announcing the first ever environmental "Auction Floor" conference that will take place in Brussels on 13th March 2009."

This "Auction Floor" aims to build effective and inclusive partnerships for environmental projects (including sustainable energy projects) in developing countries by bringing together development actors and a wide range of potential donors including private sector foundations."

"The Auction Floor is a unique opportunity for potential donors to easily find good quality projects to fund! Almost 100 environmental project proposals (with budgets between 400.000 and 3 million euro) that are looking for funding are presented in a booklet."

"The projects were evaluated by EuropeAid in 2008 and were classified as very good but did not, because of limited budget, obtain financing in the call for proposals in which they participated. Through the Auction Floor conference these projects are offered a "second chance" to financing."

"Match-making between potential donors and projects will be facilitated at the conference, with networking by sub-themes and regions. Private sector participants will also get a chance to share what they are doing in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility."


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Please contact the conference organizer MCI by email, phone + 32 2 739 30 21 or fax + 32 2 743 15 84.