Saturday 28 February 2009 @ 4.15pm


Sheikh Zayed Theatre,
New Academic Building,


Roger Liddle


Professor Lord Anthony Giddens

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"Climate change differs from any other problem that, as collective humanity, we face today. If it goes unchecked, the consequences are likely to be catastrophic for human life on earth. Yet for most people, and for many policy-makers too, it tends to be a 'back of the mind' issue. We recognise its importance and even its urgency, but for the most part it is swamped by more immediate concerns. Politicians have woken up to the dangers, but at the moment their responses are mainly on the level of gesture rather than being, as they have to be, both concrete and radical."

"Political action and intervention, on local, national and international levels, is going to have a decisive effect on whether or not we can limit global warming, as well as how we adapt to that already occurring. At the moment, however, Anthony Giddens argues controversially, we do not have a systematic politics of climate change. Politics-as-usual won't allow us to deal with the problems we face, while the recipes of the main challenger to orthodox politics, the green movement, are flawed at source. Giddens introduces a range of new concepts and proposals to fill in the gap, and examines in depth the connections between climate change and energy security."

"Anthony Giddens is professor emeritus of sociology at LSE and former School director. His next book The Politics of Climate Change will be published by Polity Press in March 2009. The Politics of Climate Change builds upon a series of Policy Network Seminars that discussed these issues in 2008. See www.policy-network.net for more information."

"Roger Liddle is the vice chair of Policy Network, the international progressive think-tank. He is a former Economic adviser to the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, and former European adviser to Tony Blair. He is a visiting fellow at the European Institute, LSE."

"This is part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Weekend, the LSE's first ever Literary Festival, celebrating the completion of the New Academic Building."

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