Tue 21 Apr 2009 - Sat 25 Apr 2009


Dakar, Senegal


The Trade Fair will provide a forum for promotion, trade and information among all private sector actors and decision makers within the different branches of the environment and renewable energy sector. Special measures will be instituted in order to encourage the participation of companies, organizations, economic stakeholders and government representatives.

The Trade Fair is open to private and state owned companies, international and regional organisations, NGO’s, professional groupings, projects, and research and development groups of the various energy braches or sectors.


Reservation forms must be completed and sent to EXCAF, according to the defined terms and conditions of participation. Along with the exhibitors, the Trade Fair welcomes professional visitors from every country. These visitors will participate free of charge. They must however inform the organizers of their length of stay in Dakar and of their field of interest, in order for the organizers to facilitate their interaction with exhibitors. An information centre will be open for the duration of the Trade Fair to further facilitate such interaction.

Content of Exhibition

This 3rd Trade Fair, which seeks to promote the interaction between the different forms of renewable energy and the environmental sub-sections, will include four (4) components:


An international exhibition open to business concerns, international organizations, study and research structures and organisms, donors and professional groupings within the environmental and renewable energy sectors and sub-sections.


An international seminar will take place during of the Trade Fair on linked to the major preoccupations of African countries, in the face of current environmental and energy problems and to the alternative solutions adaptable to the African context.
The seminar will bring together representatives of the public sector, business leaders, international, national and regional organizations, NGO’s, financial and fiscal structures, professional groupings and eminent specialists.

Partnership Meetings

A special area will be set aside during the Trade Fair for partnership meetings between participants.

The organizers of the Trade Fair will be responsible for coordinating meeting requests and the effective bilateral meetings between potential partners..

Exhibition Areas

An area outside but close to the main exhibition hall will be reserved for participants wishing to showcase their equipments, materials or technologies.
A daily roster of occupation of this space, depending on requests, will be set up and widely distributed amongst the targeted visitors.

Contact details

Rue 14 prolongée - HLM 1
BP 1656 Dakar - Sénégal

Tél : (221) 33.865.66.68 / 33.865.66.66
Fax : (221) 33.864.14.57
E-mail : info at sinergie-afrique.com

Further Information

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