To be held from April 21 to 24 2009


Leh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.


"In partnership with the GTZ, the European Union, ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and Fondation Ensemble, GERES (Group Renewable Energy, Environment and Solidarity), an international French NGO specialised in energy and climate change issues, is organising a regional seminar on, 'The Challenge of Development in Energy-related Projects and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in the Cold Regions of Asia' ".

"Populations of high altitude mountains and cold desert areas of Asia face very harsh living conditions and are among the most vulnerable in the world. Physically isolated, marginalised, with limited access to natural resources, an important number of people still rely on traditional energy resources -mainly biomass- that sometimes lead to the deterioration of this fragile environment."

"Besides preservation of the environment, access to sustainable energy-providing services is a critical factor in achieving major development goals."

"Mountain areas are also particularly affected by climate change as relatively small changes in temperatures have severe impacts on water supply, agriculture-based livelihoods and infrastructures. Thus, addressing issues concerning adaptation strategy choices has become a primary objective for mountain populations."

"For these reasons, energy as well as climate change issues have to play a particular role within development strategies and this requires active synergies between the public, local community, private and non-governmental actors."


  • to share our strategies, expertise and field experience on energy and climate change issues;
  • to formulate a series of concrete recommendations in terms of policy and methodology;
  • to initiate a community of practice among the key players of the Region.

Seminar programme

The seminar will be held in an unique environment at 3,500 m above sea level in the Transhimalaya. It will consist of three days of working sessions and a one-day field visit. The sessions will include plenary presentations of recognized international experts and working groups on topics mentioned in the three following sections:
  • Impacts of energy projects in development
  • Adaptation strategies of local communities to climate change
  • Financing issues


For people interested in attending the seminar, pre-registration will be received until 16 February 2009.

We would like to remind participants that space in the conference centre will be available for any organisation willing to present its activities, projects and achievements (please contact at the earliest the seminar coordinator at info.india at geres.eu)


Mr Vincent Stauffer
v.stauffer at geres.eu
Country Representative

Ms Marion Triquet
info.india at geres.eu
Seminar Coordinator

Tel. +91 1982 251 586

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