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The Carpenters Arms
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Topic: Sustainability considerations for the production and use of Liquid Biofuels in developing countries.


HEDON London Regional Interest Group, an informal grouping of people working in the Household Energy Sector in developing countries, wanting to meet occasionally in the South-East of England.

The idea behind the meetings regional interest groups, of which London is the first example, is to turn the HEDON digital crowd into real people. HEDON is going GLOCAL! (global interests, local place).

LondonRIG is for anyone interested in household energy who:
  • Wants to connect with other people working in this sector
  • Wants to learn from others, and share own experiences
  • Wishes to meet a great group of diverse people!
  • Will be passing through, or available to travel to, London

This LondonRIG edition will see Rocio Diaz-Chavez from Imperial College presenting on sustainability of Liquid Biofuels. Here is a brief blog:

Biofuels have been promoted on the basis of their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (ghg) from road transport fuel; to meet energy
requirements and provide security of supply, and to boost rural development. Regions in Africa, Asia and South America have the
resources to produce sufficiently large amounts of biomass for energy to aid on the achievement of ghg reduction and the above mentioned goals.
The main research question is how to ensure a sustainable production of biofuels that will lead to development at regional or local level and
ensure that resources improve local livelihoods. Here a framework is presented to review the main sustainability issues to be considered in
the context of production and use of biomass resources for biofuel production. The research is conducted within projects such as BEST and COMPETE

See you there.....

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The January LondonRIG meeting is sponsored by Eco Ltd - Grass Roots Projects, World Class Support