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The call was made, yesterday, by the State Minister in charge of Water and Energy, Eng. Coletha Ruhamya, in Nyarugati Cell, Nyamata Sector in Bugesera District.

The Minister and other officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) were taking part in the monthly community work (Umuganda).

Later , Practical Action Consulting East Africa, a company hired by MININFRA to train local people how to make the stoves, demonstrated how they are used.

Ruhamya noted that the stoves were environmentally friendly.

"We should adopt these stoves that consume little firewood in order to sustain our environment," she said.

The stoves that are nicknamed Canamuce (use less energy) and Zigama (save), are made from mud.

Only one piece of firewood is needed to cook food as it takes 45 minutes for the wood to be consumed.

Minister Ruhamya emphasized that the initiative of training people how to make the stoves would extend to other areas of the country in the shortest time possible.

Francine Mukaruberwa, a trainer and rural supervisor, told The New Times that if maintained well, the stove may last 10 years without replacement.

During the community work, the minister and other officials took part in making in-house wood stoves for the over 15 residents of Nyarugati cell, Nyamata sector.

Bugesera Mayor, Louis Rwagaju, urged the residents to always plant more trees, avoid deforestation and to participate in community work, adding that it would develop the country and protect the environment.

Ayoub Mugabo, a 65-year old local resident, commended the government for fulfilling its obligations saying that all residents now have easy access to power and water.

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