Makers of the KCJ warn customers to not be fooled by replicates as the high quality of liner, number of holes. and the thickness of the pot rests are key to the efficiency of this improved cookstove.

Adverts state:
"Buy an original Jiko to last a lifetime"


The photo below shows a 6 Burner Nyama Choma joint, stew, karanga, ugali, sukuma cooker. At Zino's Pub in Nairobi West they have saved over 5000Ksh in the first month alone from switching from gas.

Slogans say:
"Cook, eat and save energy"


Kinyanjui states that a further advantage of the KCJ is that as charcoal is the primary fuel for the KCJ this reduces dependency on fossil fuel imports. This is a huge foreign exchange saver as people depend less on imported fossil fuels, especially given the recent kerosene price hike's.


Energy saving double boiler jiko's with in-built food warmers

the double boilers with in-built food warmers by charcoal _borathe double boilers with in-built food warmers, a photo by charcoal _bora on Flickr.

5,000ksh and 8,000ksh respectivly