"We are a pioneer manufacturer of large size solar concentrators from 64 sq mt to 80 sq mt which are unique in the world. In India, so far solar reflectors of only 16 sq mt are commercially produced. We now commercially manufacture large concentrators for solar thermal power. Each concentrator can cook for hundreds of people in a hour only. One concentrator of 64 sq mt can cook for 500 people in 60 minutes only. If any institute has to cook for 1500 people, 3 such solar concentrators will be enough. So it is now very easy to cook for entire village free of cost by solar energy. Cooking will be by steam inside the kitchen. We can provide complete steam cooking system for thousands of people for student hostels, universities, hospitals, communities, Kibutzs, villages, old men homes, factories, temples, big hotels, dairies, industries etc."

"These concentrators can also be used for many industrial process heat requirements and for solar power generation running steam engines and generators. We also manufacture compound steam engines of 10 hp. Our 2 solar concentrators with 10 hp compound steam engine will make tiny solar thermal power plant of 7KVA."

Video link is given below.

FOR DOWNLOAD: http://files.sisustainable.com/Solar-Fire-P32-Part1-Basics-v0-4.mp4

ON YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXJgAmft2jI

Salient features of solar concentrators

1. Our concentrators are very cheap. Solar reflectors and concentrators generally cost US$ 350 per sq mt. But my solar concentrators cost US$140 only per sq mt. So only 40% investment for same capacity.

2. Our solar concentrators have fixed focus and it has nothing to do with latitude, polar axis, north south direction or seasonal adjustments. So very easy to install and operate. No any expert solar engineer required for erection. The focus is just over the central support pillar and steam generated there comes down vertically to the bottom of pillar through steam pipe in side vertical pillar.

3. Our solar concentrators are completely folding. So it can be assembled at site very quickly. Our system is pre fabricated in our factory and is folding and is to be assembled at site with nominal welding. So our solar concentrators can be commissioned in 4 to 5 days only. Other concentrators take many months to install steam cooking system as they involve site fabrication.

4. Our solar concentrators are user friendly in cleaning of mirrors because all the mirrors are at human height and mirrors can be tilted to vertical position for cleaning and man can walk between two rows for cleaning. More over mirrors can be tilted facing ground to protect from dust when not in use.

5. If you want to avoid filling of foundations, we can provide Folding Base Frame which simply rests on the ground and entire concentrator rests on the vertical pillar having equal load in all sides. So no foundation is essential.

6. Each mirror reflector is of the size of 90cm x 20cm and it has unique mirror bending device which concentrates 90cm length in to 5 to 7 cm length.



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