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Financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), SNV supports the set-up and implementation of a biogas sector in Bhutan. Biogas plants provide clean energy for Bhutanese households and reduce the country's dependency on fuel wood.

The Bhutan Biogas Programme (BBP) will build capacity in the public and private sectors to install 1,600 domestic biogas plants up till 2014 in four districts, namely: Samtse, Chhukha, Tsirang and Sarpang. This pilot is intended to enable local Bhutanese organisations to run a larger-scale biogas programme in the subsequent phase.

To assess the biogas market potential in Bhutan, SNV conducted two studies: a feasibility study in 2008 and a market assessment in 2009 (both funded by the ADB). From 1 March 2011, the BBP is officially operational under the ADB funded Rural Renewable Energy Development Project in Bhutan.

Besides biogas development, this project hosts three other components (rural electrification, solar home systems and wind power). SNV was appointed through a single source selection among others because of its “unique expertise and qualification for creating the biogas market”.

The Bhutanese Department of Energy (DOE) is the Executing Agency for BBP. The Department of Livestock (DOL) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, and the Bhutan Development Finance Corporation, Limited (BDFC) are the main Implementing Agencies for BPP. The DOE is responsible for overall planning and renewable energy policy support.

SNV is providing capacity building and training to the executing and implementing agencies. Key functions to set up a biogas sector in Bhutan are promotion and awareness raising, private sector development, including financial and after sales services and strong quality controls.

Bhutan is the eighth country in Asia (and the seventeenth worldwide), where SNV supports the set-up and development of commercially viable biogas sectors, in which private companies market and install biogas plants for households who are willing to invest. Up until the end of 2010, 360,000 biogas plants where installed under SNV-supported country programmes, improving quality of life for more than 2 million people.

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