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Clean cookstoves are the most viable solution to Indoor Air Pollution (IAP), the toxic smoke that claims one life every 16 seconds in the developing world. The partners aim to deliver two million improved cook-stoves to Nigerian households over the next seven years.

Over three billion people in the developing world cook on open fires or inefficient stoves in poorly ventilated homes. The toxic smoke that is produced causes severe lung and respiratory illness and contributes to climate change. Each year nearly two million people die from IAP. The problem is particularly rife in Nigeria – a country that has the largest household wood-burning population in Africa. However the high costs associated with developing affordable “cleaner” stoves that cut these emissions, and getting these to market in a country of Nigeria’s size, has meant that for centuries people have had no widespread solution to this problem.

The partnership between Envirofit, Shell Foundation and C-Quest seeks to solve this problem by using cutting-edge stove technology and carbon financing to distribute stoves throughout Nigeria at prices that consumers can afford. The work will begin in villages in Kano State in the north of the country in March 2011 and is then planned to extend to other parts of the country based on demand. Importantly the solution has already been validated in India, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

The new partnership follows the launch of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in September 2010. This pioneering $250million public-private partnership aims to create a thriving global market for clean cookstoves by helping remove barriers – such as challenges linked to accessing carbon finance – which currently prevent the sale of clean cookstoves at scale.

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