At the request of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Administration Unit, Stakeholder Forum is supporting the mobilisation and engagement of stakeholders for the CIF 2011 Partnerships Forum happening on 17-18 March, Tunis, Tunisia, which is being hosted by the African Development Bank.

As well as supporting ‘Active Observers’ to attend the Forum, the World Bank also has funds available for a number of NGOs, Indigenous Peoples and Private Sector representatives from developing countries to attend the meeting.

Stakeholder Forum is supporting the self-selection process, and working with two advisory groups made up of CIF Observers, has generated a selection criteria for NGOs and Indigenous Peoples, and a separate selection criteria for private sector participants, both of which are available here. This selection criteria seeks to achieve a balance between gender, region and constituencies, and also to ensure that all participants have relevant knowledge and expertise in the CIF programme areas.

Apply for sponsorship to participate

In order to apply for sponsorship to participate in the meeting, please fill in the online form which is available here. The deadline for all applications is the 14th February.

About the CIF Partnership Forum 2011

The annual Partnership Forum is an integral part of the design of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and provides a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing among all CIF stakeholders, including Countries, MDBs, UN and UN agencies, Global Environment Facility, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Adaptation Fund, Bilateral Development Agencies, Civil Society, Indigenous Peoples, Private Sector Entities and Scientific and Technical Experts.

Please click here for the proposed schedule for the CIF Partnership Forum 2011.

Register your interest in becoming a CIF Observer

Are you interested in becoming an Observer to the CIF decision-making committees for the 2011-2013 period? Click here to register.

For more information

For any queries or for further information, please contact Nicola Williams <a href=""></a> or + 44 (0) 207 580 6912.