• Discover the most effective retro-fit techniques for cutting electricity and heating bills
  • Learn about different solar heating systems and how to install them
  • Suitable for enthusiastic DIYers and experienced installers alike

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Wednesday 12 January 2011
17:00 (UK time – GMT), 12:00 (EST), 9:00 (PST)

Join the authors of Sustainable Home Refurbishment and Solar Domestic Water Heating for an event that offers guidance to anyone wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their home and to professionals looking for guidance on the best techniques and materials.

David Thorpe and Chris Laughton will examine the benefits of engaging in this burgeoning industry and the technologies that can help people save money and reduce CO2 emissions.

David Thorpe has been the News Editor of Energy and Environmental Management magazine for ten years and writes a popular blog - The Low Carbon Kid http://lowcarbonkid.blogspot.com. His new book, Solar Technology, is due out from Earthscan next year.

Chris Laughton is Managing Director of The Solar Design Company. He is an experienced heating engineer, author and lecturer, and a regular columnist in magazines, journals and on-line media.