The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF) announces BEF Stove & CHAB Camp at Chip Energy in Goodfield, Illinois
(CHAB = Combined Heat And Biochar). (Document date 2010-12-22) (Subject to changes.)

1. What: This initial five-day BEF Camp features hands-on experience plus theory and instruction on gasifiers of numerous types, but focusing on pyrolytic top-lit updraft (TLUD) technology for cookstoves (and larger devices for thermal energy and biochar at the CHAB Camps). Attendance is limited to 20 persons; Inquire to psanders at .

2. Location: Goodfield, Illinois (midway between Peoria and Bloomington/Normal at Exit 117 on Interstate I-74), at the premises of Chip Energy, Inc., on 7-11 January 2011.
(Note: The BEF is planning at least seven other BEF Camps around the world in 2011.)

3. Facilities: Inside the industrial building of Paul Wever Construction Equipment (, allowing the BEF Camp to use a 30 W x 50 L x 25 H (feet) heated bay with worktables, meeting space, and an exhaust system to permit indoor ignition of stoves and larger gasifiers. There is no shortage of materials and tools, including an emissions analyzer.

4. Content: The BEF ?content leaders? are Dr. Hugh McLaughlin and Dr. Paul Anderson (?Dr. TLUD?), with expected participation by Dr. Thomas Reed and other members of the BEF Board of Directors. The core content of the BEF Camps (begun in 2010) will provide the initial hands-on activities to understand and appreciate the finer points of Top-Lit UpDraft (TLUD) pyrolytic gasification. Also:

5. Each participant will have ample time to pursue specific interests, including the making or use of stoves and CHAB devices for specific purposes, such as:

a. Residential cookstoves, including the combustion device and the stove structure. Dr. Anderson?s collection of stove types will be available for use and comparisons.

b. Institutional cookstoves, in 55-gallon drums or in alternative structures.

c. Biomass furnaces: Mr. Paul Wever, co-founder (with Anderson) of Chip Energy, Inc. ( will discuss and demonstrate capabilities and options for the Chip Energy Biomass Furnace (200,000 Btu/hr plus biochar) and also the Biomass Grill/Stove.

d. Fuels issues. Chip Energy has a collection of over 50 samples of fuels, ranging from llama dung to briquettes and chips and pellets. Jatropha-seed stoves will be featured.

6. Lodging (not included): A full range of hotels/motels is available 20 miles away (via car-pool) in the Bloomington-Normal community. An additional option being explored is a 5-night home-stay (a bedroom and use of a bathroom) with selected cooperating local residents (requesting a $100 tax-deductible donation to one of several worthy charities.)

7. Meals: Four breakfasts, five lunches, and one dinner (prepared by participants on the cookstoves) are included in the registration fee. Participants have the option to eat together for the other three dinners and have discussions into the evening hours.

8. Fee: From Monday morning to Friday after lunch, the fee is US$400 per person, with possible reductions if sponsors/donors are forthcoming. (Direct any questions about fees and housing to, T:309-452-7072 or Skype:paultlud)

The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF) is a Not-For-Profit entity registered
in America as a 501.c.3 organization to which donations (such as
sponsorships of BEF Camps) are tax deductible in the USA.