The sustainable production of wood as a renewable energy source has huge potential for Africa. The afforestation of degraded landscapes, establishment of wood plantations and the sustainable management of natural forests can all serve to increase energy security, provide access to energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The GTZ HERA — Poverty Oriented Basic Energy Services Programme has produced and put together an audio slideshow which promotes the idea of wood energy as a modern and potentially renewable source of energy. It shows examples from different countries where wood is sustainably produced and processed efficiently for energy purposes. The short film (8 minutes) is available in English and French and can be accessed online via GTZ’s youtube channel:

Wood Energy - Africa's Green Energy Future
English version

Le Bois-Énergie - La future énergie verte de l'Afrique
French version

If you want to get hold of a hardcopy of the wood energy slide show, please contact GTZ HERA: <a href=""></a>