UN CC:Learn is a collaborative initiative of 23 UN agencies to support Member States in designing and delivering effective, results-oriented and sustainable learning on climate change.

UN CC:Learn offers three Programme Areas which are closely linked to
each other. They include:

I. Knowledge Management and Networking
II. Development of a One UN Climate Change Training Package
III. Human Resources, Learning and Skills Development in Partner

Objectives of pilot projects
Taking the above considerations into account, objectives of the pilot
projects include to:
  • foster a systematic and country-driven process to strengthen human resources, learning, and skills development
  • determine specific actions to enhance climate change learning and strengthen learning institutions
  • ensure that climate change learning is linked to and helps to achieve national climate change objectives
  • augment mobilization of resources for training and skills development from national budgets and external partners (UN organizations/country teams, bilateral donors, foundations)
  • ultimately, create a strengthened human resource base in the country to enhance implementation of the UNFCCC

Interested countries are invited to notify the CC:Learn Secretariat by 31 January 2011. For more information on the application process, please consult the attached information notes or our website: www.uncclearn.org