Heat Exchanger Announcement

Particularly during the long winter period large amounts of fire wood and/ or dried animal are used in high mountainous areas of Asia and Latin America for cooking and space heating. Fuel use efficiency is often very low.

To address this situation, a few years back in Tajikistan efforts have been started to search for options to improve the efficiency of stove based winter heating systems by simple means.

And the efforts have not been in vain. The developed “heat exchangers”, designed to delay the flow of hot air through the exhaust pipe and to increase the surface area for heat transmission, have proven to be very effective to raise the efficiency of traditional stoves. In Central Asia already hundreds of rural families are using heat exchangers- cutting fuel consumption for cooking and heating during the winter period as an average by 50%. Also in public buildings such as schools, heat exchangers have been successfully introduced.

Heat exchangers can be produced locally by skilled craftsmen without the need to use sophisticated equipment or electricity. Influenced by the fact, that the same heat exchanger can be used for several years, the cost-benefit ratio of the technology is excellent. Adjustments of the basic design in response to special site specific conditions are easily applicable.

Parties interested to introduce “heat exchangers” in other winter cold areas, are welcome to contact us under below mentioned address.

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