The Bulletin expands the knowledge base around indoor air pollution, household energy and health by showcasing the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and its 400+ Partners around the world. Each Bulletin centers on a thematic focus and spotlights Partner activities, relevant research and technical advances and upcoming events that are propelling our global risk reduction efforts forward.

Our 25th issue focuses on the upcoming 5th Biennial PCIA Forum to be held in Lima, Peru, February 21-26, 2011. With only a few weeks remaining to register, deadline: January 17, 2011, this Bulletin provides all the information you need to prepare for an exciting and rewarding experience. Read about who attends the Forum and the many ways you can connect with them while in Lima. Discover how the Forum agenda not only provides a wealth of information on the latest research and technical knowledge, but also how successful programs are putting it into action. Learn about Peru's innovative national cook stove campaign and its impressive results. See what previous attendees have to say about the value of attending the Forum. And, find answers to many of your logistical and planning questions. Please share this Bulletin with others who may be considering attending the Forum.

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The next issue of the PCIA Bulletin, #26, will focus on the benefits and opportunities of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a clean and efficient cooking fuel. The deadline for contributions is November 29, 2010. For detailed information on the topics highlighted in the Bulletin or to view previous issues, please visit For more information or to submit an article or update, contact us at: <a href=""></a>