ENDA SIDE EVENT at CANCUN in collaboration with AfricaAdapt/CLACC

Title: Knowledge sharing, capacity building and advocacy for adaptation and climate compatible development

ENDA, FARA, ICPAC and IDS discuss knowledge sharing, local knowledge and novel communications strategies - experience of AfricaAdapt. IIED discusses Capacity Strengthening in LDCs on Adaptation to Climate Change (CLACC) – civil society networks building capacity, awareness and coordinating advocacy.

Discussing issues will include:
  • The relevance of Knowledge Sharing for poverty reduction, vulnerability alleviation and sustainable development – Examples from AfricaAdapt experience
  • AfricaAdapt Innovation Fund as a means to engage with hard-to-reach boundary partners for poverty/vulnerability reduction and sustainable development
  • CLACC networking, knowledge and information sharing activities.

For information, please contact: <a href="mailto:enda.energy@orange.sn">enda.energy@orange.sn</a>