Note: An RSVP is required to ensure that we have enough phone lines and/or seats. The speaker will present from the Golden, Colorado, office. To RSVP please contact Samuel Tobin at: samuel.tobin at of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory at 303-275-3696.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the DOE/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office (EERE), and the Chilean Renewable Energy Center will present a webinar on the Biopower Mapping Application for Latin American countries.

The Biopower Mapping Application is an interactive geospatial application allowing users to view biomass resources, infrastructure, and other relevant information, as well as query the data and conduct initial screening analyses. Users can select a location on the map, quantify the biomass resources available within a user-defined radius, and then estimate the total thermal energy or power that could be generated by recovering a portion of that biomass While the tool is useful in refining the prospecting process of site identification, it should not replace the need for an on-site biomass resource evaluation.

For more information about biopower, please see the Biopower for Electricity Providers Web page.

For information regarding how to connect to the webinar, please visitOpenEI.

The recorded webinar archive and information on future webinars will be posted online to the OpenEI Latin America gateway.